Flooring Examples

Types of Bamboo Flooring

It is important to note that because bamboo is a natural product there can be colour variations that occur.



Strand Woven bamboo floors are made using a special manufacturing process that is different from all other bamboo flooring types where by taking long strands of bamboo through heat, and compressing them under high pressure.

The Strand Woven bamboo manufacturing process produces flooring that is twice as hard as traditional bamboo flooring, which is already known as one of the hardest wood flooring products available. Strand Woven bamboo is made with a non-toxic, water-resistant resin. While this method allows for use in kitchens and bathrooms it needs to be noted that like all natural hardwoods, it does need to be properly maintained especially considering the fact the bamboo is not water proof but water resistant.

Available Colours:

naturalstrand Natural Strand Woven Bamboo
carbonized Carbonised Strand Woven Bamboo
winter Summer Strand Woven Bamboo
tiger Tiger Strand Woven Bamboo



Solid Vertical bamboo is made by first taking bamboo poles and flattening them and after cutting them into strips. These strips are then compressed together using high heat and pressure.

The way Vertical bamboo is made gives the flooring a very fine grained linear look. In this vertical style, the strips are turned on their sides and laminated together in long, slender rows creating a vertical appearance. 

Vertical bamboo flooring often appeals to people wanting a typical bamboo look for their floors, something different to the traditional timber look that is typically found in the Strand Woven options. In terms of hardness, although not as hard as Strand Woven, Solid Vertical bamboo is still a very hard wearing and durable flooring material comparable with hardwoods such as red oak.

rawvertical Raw Solid Vertical Bamboo
carbonised vertical Natural Solid Vertical Bamboo
carbvirtical Carbonised Solid Vertical Bamboo










We have also partnered with a very reputable company, Eco Bamboo Africa Flooring, in supplying bamboo products to the rest of the continent.